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Who We Are

Welcome to the world of Financial Intelligence, powered by Finwit - Africa's premier Financial Wellness driver!

We are an Impact-focused personal finance company whose goal is to equip both individuals and businesses with the information needed to make informed financial decisions. Our main goal is to impart ‘financial wit’ by simplifying finance and equipping the consumer with precise, accurate and timely financial information in a form that enables them to pick the best solutions that fit their needs with clarity. To do this, Finwit has created Finwit Online; a one-stop financial resource platform that improves access to financial information by offering free, engaging, unbiased, and easily digestible information in the form of product reviews, educational tips, financial tools, filters, comparisons and customer-led quizzes.

The platform has been intricately built to break down the silos of financial information across the industry, and the web, aggregate it; democratizing access and thereby revolutionizing the way financial information is delivered and accessed across Kenya and Africa as a whole.

We host a wide variety of the best financial products and services from reputable financial institutions within the platform to ensure each of our visitors has access to accurate and timely financial information.

Whether you're an individual looking for a personal finance solution or a business owner seeking to optimize your financial wellness; Finwit has got you covered.

Join the thousands of satisfied consumers who have already unlocked their financial potential with Finwit - the future of financial wellness is here, and it's smarter than ever!


Promoting financial literacy and wellness across Africa through technology.


Unlocking AI-powered Financial Wellness for Africa where everyone has the knowledge and confidence to manage their money effectively.


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